Award winning photographer, Alex MacNaughton, who has already published three books on the London Street Art scene, is now working on
his new project - London Tattoos.

Alex says about his new project, “The idea of the book is to show tattoos in
a new way. It is going to be a book of portraits of people, who happen to
have tattoos. It’s not just a book only showing the tattoos. I want to show how tattoos are a reflection of a person’s character and lifestyle, how to live with them and how tattoos can enhance confidence and success in life.”

Alex is looking for a wide variety
of people - both men and women -
to feature in the book. from bankers
to punks, librarians to strippers, doctors, sailors, models, musicians, football fans, teachers, accountants,
the clergy and everything in between.

If you would like to take part, please register online. when you register, you will be able to upload up to 10 photos of yourself. it is important your tattoos are visible in most of the photos but please also include some photos which you feel reflect your personality, whether they show your tattoos or not.

Everyone who is photographed for
the book will be sent a free A2 print from their photo shoot and if you are featured, you will receive a complimentary copy.

London Tattoos will be published
in Autumn 2011 by Prestel.

More of Alex’s work can be seen at: